Practical exercises for rescue on ice. ISTA-100 / Filin-2 linethrowers

On February 14 2018, the website of the Civil Defense Academy of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia published a news about the open lesson on the basis of the water and rescue team in Khimki. “In the practical classes held yesterday in “Khimspas”, 20 cadets of the 5th year of the Command and Engineering Faculty of the Academy of Civil Protection took part. Employees of the water rescue team acquainted cadets with the basic means of saving people at water bodies in winter. The cadets saw the work of special modern technology, and also worked out the basic ways of saving man on the water … .. At the third training point,  students were shown the work … of the Owl-2 linethrower (ISTA-100). Both devices are designed, first of all, to ensure the safety of the rescuers themselves. ”

Due to the fact that there is no one-rocket-one-start principle in pneumatic linethrower, all the nodes are many-time, and compressed air serves as the consumable material, ISTA-100 / Owl-2 is a convenient and indispensable tool in the training process. Thank you for trusting our technology.

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