ISTA’S history is the history of innovations


Enterprise formation. Development and launch of the first generation of products: the ISTA-1 aircannons, the ISTA-100 air rescue linethrower, the Sanitar remote injector for vaccination of animals. Obtaining basic Patents of the Russian Federation, and registered trademark, protecting the company’s products.



The beginning of product export. Conclusion of the first license agreement with a company from the USA. Obtaining Patent  of the USA for the pneumatic linethrower. Inclusion of the ISTA-100  linethrower in the report card of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation.



Development and patenting of an adaptive airbag for vehicles. Cooperation with leading automotive Manufacturers from Germany in the field of vehicle passive safety.



Entering the federal market for fluidization of bulk materials at the industrial facilities. The development of the ISTA-3 air cannon and the  second generation of the ISTA-100 portable air linethrower, which took into account the wishes and remarks of professional rescuers.



Development of high-speed valves of the KB series for braking systems of sorting slides of the Russian Railways OJSC. Carrying out the pilot operation at the working gravity hump. The company’s technologies are presented in publications in the form of “cover stories” in the  Eureka innovative engineering design and the European automotive innovative design leading innovative magazines, published by the Findlay Publishers, London publishing house



Development of the ISTA-240 pneumatic linethrower and obtaining a Type Approval Certificate for Compliance with the International Convention on Saving at Sea (SOLAS), issued by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Development and patenting of the air system of arches caving of bulk materials in the ISTA-4 super-large bunkers. Entering the market of air caving systems for extra-large bunkers with a capacity of more than 1000 tons of loose material.



Representation of the company in the Gazelle-of Business-2006 international rating, as a successful opened company based on the results of work in 2003-2005. The company became a laureate of the above-mentioned competition, the so-called “supergaselle” in the For the best business idea nomination .


Beginning of cooperation with the Burevestnik Science and Production Association in the part of supply of unique air high-speed valves of the KB series for the innovative delivery system of throwing bodies. Obtaining US Patent for an adaptive airbag of a vehicle. Growth of deliveries of the ISTA-3 and the ISTA-4 aircannons, as well as the KB series valves for Russian Railways OJSC.



Moving the company to the Polytechnic Innovation Center allowed to create the optimal logistics of the full production cycle, and the acquisition of modern digital processing centers provided the modernization of production. Inclusion of the ISTA-240 pneumatic linethrower in the report card of the Navy of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The beginning of exclusive deliveries to the newly constructed and repaired ships of the Navy.



Development of high-speed valve of the KB series, working at a high pressures. Promotion of the non-diaphragm technology of impact tubes to leading domestic and foreign research laboratories and universities. Obtaining Patent of the Germany for an adaptive airbag of the vehicle



Implementation of several large contracts for the designing and supply of powerful air starting devices for testing the impact of falling bodies in structural elements in conditions, close to real, for the largest enterprises that create unique equipment. The company twice entered the final part of the  Exporter of the Year competitions, held by the government of St. Petersburg in 2015 and 2016.


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