is a device for remote anesthesia or vaccination of domestic and wild animals by the use of flying syringes start such as ISTA or Shilo.



Sanitar-2  is a device for remote anesthesia or vaccination of domestic and wild animals by the use of flying syringes start such as ISTA or Shilo.

During the switching from one type of syringe to another, two operating modes are provided. Switching is by turning the handle. The syringe is installed from the breech part of the barrel. Sanitar-2 allows to work at a safe from an animal distance of 20-30m.

The Sanitar-2 devices is used by: the Emergency and rescue services, the Agrarian complexes, the hunting facilities, the reserves, the State and municipal administrations, Animal disease control services, the Veterinary institutions, the Facilities and economic complexes in the territories of which the remote vaccination of animals, companies involved in the supply of veterinary equipment.

The ISTA flying syringe was developed specially for the Sanitar-2 air device. It has the following advantages:

The effectiveness

The enlarge volume of the cavity in comparison with analogues up to 6,5 cubic centimeters provides effective influence including on large animals

Multiple restart

Possibility of multiple restart the syringe due to the rugged housing design 


Easy to prepare for start. It just needs to fill the specimen. The increased pressure in the syringe is formed during the acceleration of the syringe in the barrel by means of an integrated check valve.

Length in loaded condition, mm815
Weight, kg2,7
Range of accurate syringe throwing, m30
Capacity of a syringe, cub.smno more 6,5
Diameter of the barrel, mm21
Working pressure in a balloon, MPa20,7
Capacity of a balloon, not less then, l0,77
Number of starts without refueling, not less then>50
Pneumatic launcher, barrel, pcs.1
Balloon with compressed air, not less than 0,74*, pcs.1
Pressure reducing valve with manometer**, pcs.1
Flying syringes, pcs.2
Filler connection, pcs.1
Packaging box, pcs.1
Operating instructions, pcs.1

(*) mounted on a pneumatic launcher in working position,
(**) mounted on a balloon

To order spare parts it is necessary to indicate in the letter the article or the full name of the spare part and the device. The catalog contains all the articles for Sanitar-2.

Sanitar-2  are extremely easy to operate in the field. Each delivery set does not require the use of additional equipment and consumables other than compressed air. The customer could be trained, on the request.

In case of breakdowns and abnormal operations, the after-sales service carried out for all ISTA products.

Ресурс 1@3x

Russian Emergency Situations Ministry

Ресурс 2@3x

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus

Ресурс 3@3x

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia

Ресурс 4@3x

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan

Ресурс 5@3x

Federal Security Service

Ресурс 6@3x

Government of Tatarstan

Ресурс 7@3x

Government of Saint-Petersburg



Ресурс 9@3x

Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga” JS

Ресурс 10@3x

Port Bronka

Ресурс 11@3x

Yakutsk Airport

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