ISTA-240 linethrower

The ISTA-240™  linethrower is the only pneumatic linethrower on the market, certified for SOLAS compliance, which allows a comfortable shoot from the shoulder. The ISTA-240™  linethrower was approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The ISTA-240™ rescue linethrower can easily be serviced by one person without special training. The capacity of the built-in balloon allows to make at least 3 regular starts independently. Filling the line into the throwing container is carried out using the attached device for several minutes.

Length in loaded condition not less than, mm1175
Weight not more than, kg7,3
Maximum range of the line throwing, m240
Line strength not less than, kN2,0
Number of starts without refueling, not less than3
Working pressure in a balloon, MPa20,7
Capacity of a balloon, not less then, l0,74
Pneumatic launcher, barrel, pcs.1
Balloon with compressed air, not less than 0,74  *, pcs.2
Pressure reducing valve with manometer**, pcs.2
Projectile with internal line laying of 260 m length, pcs.2
Filler connection, pcs.4
Air loader of the line in the projectile, pcs.1
Reserve sealing ring for balloon, pcs.1
Reserve rubber cover of container bottom, pcs.4
Wire loop for pulling the line, pcs.2
Packaging box, pcs.1
Operating instructions, pcs.1
Device passport, pcs.1

(*) mounted on a pneumatic launcher in working position,
(**) mounted on a balloon

For the order of reserve parts it is necessary to indicate the article or the full name of the reserve part and device in the letter. The catalogue contains all the articles for all types of line-throwing guns.


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