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ISTA-100 (Owl-2) linethrower

These linethrowers are distinguished by a high reliability (10,000 starts from the device), low kickback, good ergonomics. Since 1992, the ISTA-100 linethrowers have been operated by emergency rescue services (EMERCOM) in all regions of Russia. As well as, this line-throwing gun is actively used for directing various kinds of communications in urban conditions (from home to home) and for the operation of grounding electric power lines.

Length in loaded condition not more than, mm920
Weight not more than, kg3,9
Maximum range of the line throwing, m100
Line strength not less than, kN2,0
Number of starts without refueling, not less than8
Working pressure in a balloon, MPa20,7
Capacity of a balloon not less then, l0,74
Pneumatic launcher, barrel, pcs.1
Balloon with compressed air, not less than 0,74*, pcs.1
Pressure reducing valve with manometer**, pcs.1
Projectile with internal line laying of 100 m length, pcs.2
Filler connection, pcs.1
Air loader of the line in the projectile, pcs.1
Reserve sealing ring for balloon, pcs.2
Reserve rubber cover of container bottom, pcs.2
Wire loop for pulling the line, pcs.2
Packaging box, pcs.1
Operating instructions, pcs.1
 Device passport, pcs. 1

(*) mounted on a pneumatic launcher in working position,
(**) mounted on a balloon

To order spare parts it is necessary to indicate in the letter the article or the full name of the spare part and the device. The catalog contains all the articles for all types of the linethrowers.

All models of ISTA pneumatic linethrowers  are extremely easy to operate in the field. Each delivery set does not require the use of additional equipment and consumables other than compressed air. The customer could be trained, on the request.

In case of breakdowns and abnormal operations, the after-sales service carried out for all ISTA products. A distinctive feature of the service of linethrowers is the obligatory verification (or replacement) of cylinders (every five years) and maintenance of the launchong devices  (every seven years).

Also legal support is provided for all of the ISTA linethrowers for the entire lifetime (up to 25 years).

Ресурс 1@3x

Russian Emergency Situations Ministry

Ресурс 2@3x

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus

Ресурс 3@3x

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia

Ресурс 4@3x

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan

Ресурс 29@2x

The government of Moscow


Norilsk Nikel





Без названия


Ресурс 34@2x

Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot

Ресурс 35@2x

SPC Rescue Tools

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