ISTA-3 aircannons in power engineering

ISTA-3 aircannons have installed on more than 1000 enterprises. The need for constant systematic cleaning from the clogging of bulk materials, sediments (including in the feed chute of coal mills) occurs quite often. In December 2016, a contract was signed with the Cherepetskaya RPS for the delivery of the ISTA-3 pneumatic declogging system.

After a year of operation, we received the following review:

“There were installed the systems for the pneumatic declogging of the mill’s flows at the Cherepetskaya RPS at power units No. 8 and No. 9. For the time of operation of the plants, there no comments were found in the operation of the system since 20.07.2017, and the installation of pneumatic excitation was established to prevent the clogging of loose materials supply of the feed chute to the mill, by generating an air shock wave, due to the energy of compressed air. The system showed high reliability, there were no failures during the system operation.”

Our company highly appreciates its customers. Thank you for trusting our technology.

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