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Pneumatic linethrowers

Pneumatic linethrowers


The ISTA pneumatic linethrower is an universal portable device of feeding the rescue line  to the evacuation zone (rescue operations on water or on ice, throwing the line at a large angle to the height, from the building to the building, feeding the line through the river or fiord, etc.).

The launching device with compressed air is separated from the barrel by a high-speed valve. The projectile with the line fixed in it is placed in the trunk. At start-up the valve opens and the compressed air accelerates the propelling projectile. When the container is flying, the line is unwound.

Competitive advantages of ISTA pneumatic linethrowers

One device for 10 years

There is no principle “one rocket one start” in pneumatic linethrower. All stations are reusable. Minimum operating costs.
There is no gunpowder! Consumable material is compressed air only.
Allow you to train staff without limitation of projectiles.

Safety of work

Charging from the breech block and not from the trunk cut and a fuse prevent unauthorized start. The line is placed inside the container and unwound at starting, so that an empty plastic container reaches the target.

Accuracy of casting

The kickback dampening system provides a comfortable start from the shoulder, and not from the stop, allows to guide the aiming starts in all directions without restriction.

Residual dynamics of the empty container at the end of the flight pulls the line along the trajectory of projectile, even with a strong lateral wind.

Wide range of use

The line-throwing gun can be used for extinguishing fires, saving water, construction of the fiber optic communication lines. It is possible to work in conditions of high explosive danger (tankers, oil storages, gas stations)…

Ease of use

The line is easy to rewind after start, and then after short drying it is ready for reuse (it is refueled with a special device).

The balloons are filled with compressed air from a portable compressor.


The ISTA line-throwing guns passed all stages of model approval in cooperation with head companies. Each set is accompanied by detailed documentation, approvals and certificates.

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